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Which is your favourite out of the four greatest Chinese classics?
A Dream of Red Mansions
Journey to the West
Water Margin
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
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Adventures of the Chinese Ghostbuster

ISBN : 981-229-269-1
Illustrated by : Chan Kok Seng
Translated by : Geraldine Goh
Dimension : 150 x 210 mm
Page Number : 136 pages
Unit : 7.50
Price : S$ 7.50    
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Chinese myths and legends have produced many majestic and colourful spirits and gods whose tales and exploits have been told and retold since ancient times. Chinese Ghostbuster Zhong Kui, the Deity of Exorcism and Literature, is one of these legendary gods whose story still fascinates today.

Zhong Kui is known to be hideous but he was not born ugly. A child prodigy, he grew up to be a most dashing young man. However, an unfortunate encounter with demons jealous of his good looks sealed his ill fate í¬ he was disfigured.

Because of his repulsive face, Zhong Kui lost his title of First Imperial Scholar. In despair, he killed himself in the Imperial Court. It marked the beginning of his many adventures.

The twists and turns in Zhong Kuií»s life and afterlife make for compulsive reading. Amidst the drama and intrigue, he evolved into a powerful figure. Discover how he became a fearsome ghostbuster whose name struck terror into the hearts of even the most evil demons.

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