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Welcome to our new site!

Welcome, dear reader, to the brand new website for Asiapac Books. With an enhanced online bookstore, our iTunes offers interactive applications and fun eBooks for you to download. There has never been more of Asiapac Books to love! Whether you are looking for fun comics, inspirational teachings, cultural knowledge, or fiction, there is something for everybody here!

Wisdom of I-Ching: Mastering the Art of Change

We are excited to present to you our newly published title, Wisdom of I Ching – Mastering the Art of Change. With a history stretching over 3,000 years, the I Ching (Yi Jing) is the world’s oldest book of wisdom. Our modern, fun, and lavishly illustrated version makes this ancient classic easy to understand as a tool for divination and a source of wisdom.

The universal and timeless ideas contained within the I Ching have been a huge influence on Eastern philosophy and is still as relevant to human civilization today. Written in a time of conflict and danger, the I Ching’s teachings are effective and empowering us to cope with the challenges, and embrace the opportunities that our changing world offers us.