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Welcome to our new site!

Welcome, dear reader, to the brand new website for Asiapac Books. With an enhanced online bookstore, our iTunes offers interactive applications and fun eBooks for you to download. There has never been more of Asiapac Books to love! Whether you are looking for fun comics, inspirational teachings, cultural knowledge, or fiction, there is something for everybody here!

Origins of Chinese Culture Series

Today, the Chinese people are not merely an ethnic group, but a larger cultural entity spread all over the world. 

The most distinguishing aspect of Chinese culture is its all-encompassing nature. It emphasizes justice and moral integrity, human relations, the power of music and rituals to cultivate the hearts of men, and the oneness of Man and Heaven…all at the same time. Next is its wisdom — it engineers invention and change, and is prolific and dynamic. Last but not least is its ingenuity —it is ever progressive and enlightening.

Taking a flying leap into the global lake of the world, the ancient Chinese culture exudes the vitality of youth!